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Video conferencing enables live interaction between groups across shores and across distances. It could be used to organize knowledge sharing opportunities between communities and groups, learning opportunities bringing experts from elsewhere in the country or the world, providing opportunities to have job interviews across shores, business meetings, academic presentations, etc. It could be between two sites or even multi-sites. It could be arranged within the GDL network or even outside it connecting through both IP and ISDN both. It could be arranged in country connecting with other local networks.
Video Conferencing Technology
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The list of users and usage of Video Conferencing facility at DLC Ltd
Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing Rates
Local Users - Hourly Rate
(Temporary promotional rates for Local Users)
For SAARC Counties 11000 LKR
For Asia 12000 LKR
For Asia Pacific 13000 LKR
For Rest of the World 15000 LKR
International Users - Hourly Rate
(For foreign users and international organization)
All Counties (8AM - 6PM SLT) 200 USD
All Counties (6PM - 8AM SLT) 240 USD
Rental Rates for in Country
(Temporary promotional rates for Local Users)
Fixed cost of 6000 LKR plus and hourly rate of 3000 LKR
Services subject to following terms and conditions
Please note additional charges for services such as refreshments, printing, recording, etc. No additional changes for computers or other instruments used during voice conferencing. the above rates are for voice conferencing using IP connectivity. IDD phone charges would be added in some of ISDN connecting 20% administrative cost on the total for video conferences after 6.00 PM and before 8.00 AM