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Isuru School's Principal's Program
The objective of the program was to empower the Principals to build model schools, where innovative methods of learning would be tried out to enhance the capacities of the students to face the new challenges of the 21st century. Mr. Lalith Weerathunga, Presidential Secretary gave away the certificates. The program ran for 17 days in which participants were exposed to sessions conducted by high profile individuals such as Dr. Uditha Liyanage, Dr. Travis Perera, Dr. Kumar Iddamaldena, Mr. Nalaka Hewa Madduma, Mr. Nishantha Kamaladasa, Mr. Ranjith Kumarasiri etc. DLC is entrusted to train all Principal's of Isuru Schools. They were given knowledge on ICT use in Education too.
Program Highlights
e-Learning Dynamics
The program that gives an overview of e-Learning is very popular. Program introduces e-learning as the new trend of learning, different methods – off line and on line, content development, content evaluation, learning and student management, necessary ICT environment, global trends and forecasts, SWOT analysis of e-learning both global and local contexts, etc. Already 1500 people have been trained. Sri Lanka Telecom had trained 30 of their staff, Education Ministry 1150 of teachers and many others including following organizations have got their staff trained on e-Learning.
Program Highlights
Content Development for e-Learning
Series of programs were conducted to the staff of Ministry of Education on content development using MS Producer and Macro-media Director Packages. This is now open for organizations that are ready to embrace e-Learning and especially for those who are going to develop their own content for e-learning.
Interactive Web-site Development
Series of programs were conducted to the staff of Ministry of Education to develop websites to use those as interactive learning platforms, where people at a distance can log on to the computer and learn by following instructions in the web. This is now open for organizations that are ready to embrace e-Learning.
Program Highlights
Training on Learning Management Systems
Any e-learning provider should have a Learning Management System to upload his content, allow access to students, monitor the activities of students and continuously assess them while going through the learning encounter. This is made possible with a good learning management system. Training on the same was done to the Education Ministry staff where 150 were trained. This is now open for organizations that are ready to embrace e-Learning.
Program Highlights
Workshop on Developing Corporate Bond Market

The Central Bank, Security Exchange Commission and several Commercial Banks and Financial Institutions sent participants to the program. This was organized by the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Center of the World Bank’s Global Development Learning Centre along with the Shanghai National Accounting Institute of P R China and delivered via video conferencing where several other Asian countries also participated. Many case studies and issues relating to Asian corporate bond market surfaced. In parallel to the global dialogue, a local dialogue was also initiated to look at the feasibility of solutions surfaced in the Sri Lankan context.

DLC intends to have similar events for the banking and financial sectors and would like to receive responses from potential participants and relevant institutions about the issues that need to be addressed bringing global expertise. Participants at the workshop have indicated topics such as Securitization, Financial Derivatives, etc and probably there could be other additions such as Anti-money Laundering which would be of interest to this sector. DLC wishes to seek your suggestions on topics to offer similar programs in future.

Program Highlights
Call Centre Training
DLC had trained three batches of the Janashakthi call centre staff and one batch of Eagle (AVIVA NDB) Insurance staff.

It is conducted on an e-Learning platform where call scenarios are generated to get the responses of the trainee and they would then be assessed and subsequently trained to respond to all such scenarios correctly. Several other insurance companies have already enquired to join this state-of-the-art training program.

Program Highlights
Computer Essentials
Central Bank sent 97 of their newly recruited staff to undergo training at DLC for the "Computer Essentials" program. The staff were categorized in to three groups based on a pre-test and groups with lesser IT literacy were given a more extensive hands on training and then put with other groups after attaining a particular level. Assignments were part of the program where certificate was tied up with the assignments. Computer literacy, Office software both windows and open source, e-mail and internet were some of the key areas covered.

This program has been offered to ILO several times in the past and now has developed to a full-fledged program that meets the adult training needs in ICT with pre-segmentation of participant for a better learning experience.

Program Highlights
Project Management Using MS Project 2010
The program is underway with participants from CEB, CECB, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Vocational & Technical Training participating.

DLC has offered this program many times in the past with earlier versions of the MS Project package. Both conceptual knowledge of project management with hands on experience of managing projects with MS Project is given with a 8 day long course.

Micro-Finance TOT Training
The 7th batch of the training concluded in April, 2011 and 8th batch training is in progress. The program provide a blended learning opportunity for the participants. Some of the sessions were live through video conferencing, others were on-line encounters and there were yet others which were face to face discussions lead by local facilitators. The three modes provided rich learning experiences of different nature. The program was offered by ADBI for more than one country, where Sri Lanka had the highest number passing out thanks to the trainers of DLC Sri Lanka. The fourth in the series will commence shortly.
Program Highlights