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What, simply, is DLC?

Limited liability company that provide training and learning solutions and opportunities for public and private sector institutions and individuals.

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Is it a private company?

No, it is a government institute but operate as a limited liability company.

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Does it provide its facilities to other institutes to conduct programs?

Yes, to both public and private sector institutes; to both local and foreign/international institutes; to both institutes and individuals;

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What are the facilities that could be hired by others?

Video conferencing facilities, multimedia laboratories, rooms for face to face training, etc with all the training equipments required for conducting any training (ICT based or otherwise).

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Why one should hire the DLC facilities for their training interventions?

Spacious air-conditioned rooms, state of the art equipments such as high resolution elevated MM projectors, branded networked computers supported by UPS, dedicated internet link that supports fast web browsing, total facility including air-conditioning supported by an automatically-on generator, spacious lobby for break up sessions and refreshments, lunch etc, catering from any reputed caterer of client's choice, safe drinking water available in cool hot water dispenser for free use, cable TV to watch during break up times, ample parking, technical support, availability at any time any day on request, friendly staff, flexibility of operation, etc.

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What are the training products offered by DLC?

There are various training courses offered by DLC. Among those, Call Centre Training, e-learning dynamics, Content Development for e-Learning, Computer Essentials, Advance e-office skills, Project Management have been popular in the recent times. DLC also offers training solutions to meet clients' specific requirements.

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Why one should get their training requirements met by DLC?

DLC has a state of the art training facility supported by a friendly staff ready to cater for clients needs. It has a dedicated external faculty drawn from best expertise both within the country and outside. Outside experts could be brought in to a virtual class room through video conferencing. The Global Development Learning Network where DLC is the Sri Lankan node point is ready to extend the assistance by mobilizing its member institutes to support training requirements of the network. Our coordinators being experts in the knowledge industry knows the learning methodologies and people, to understand the needs of its clients and also to meet those needs, optimally. Availability of different technologies makes it easy for them to give optimum learning solution using the correct blend of different modes of learning (face to face, online learning, offline e-learning, video-conferencing, etc).

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Is it expensive?

Surprisingly, it is not. At least it gives you value for money.

Many of our clients use us again and again. Asian Development Bank Institute, in Tokyo thought it is useful to use our facilities twice to pilot test their on-line programs in Sri Lanka at DLC. Common Wealth Association and World Bank Institute thought it is good to have their regional programs conducted in Sri Lanka at DLC. Dialog, Microsoft Corporation, Hayleys, Virtusa and many other corporate entities thought it is convenient to use DLC for their programs not once but number of times. Public agencies such as Ministry of Education, Department of Census and Statistics, have come to us for their training needs.

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What is the expertise of DLC?

DLC has expertise on learning in general, e-learning, ICT and numerous other different learning technologies in particular and is conversant with global trends in learning and development.

It has mastered learning management and is in constant contact with learning networks and is linked to numerous institutes world wide that provide training and learning opportunities in different sectors.

Hence it can provide learning solutions to doctors (we ran a program on Dengu), engineers (we had a program on infrastructure development), bankers (we had two successful programs; one on securitization and the other on money laundering) or any other professional.

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What are the services (other than training products and training facilities) offered by DLC?

Services include

  • Video conferencing for job interviews, commission of inquiries, business meetings, academic presentations, etc
  • Multi-media facilities for data entry operations
  • Content development for e-learning
  • Translations of e-learning products in to local languages
  • Web site development

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What are the connectivity types available for video conferencing?

Both IP and ISDN connectivity is available.

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Is multi-site video-conferencing possible?

Yes, through the bridge at GDL Network we could connect with number of sites at once.

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Is local video conferencing possible?

Yes, with some locations; such as Batticalo, Kandy, etc.

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