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DLC Ltd is equipped with the state-of-the-art video conferencing facility with connectivity established via a dedicate internet link. This facility is available in a spacious auditorium where 30 active participants with personal microphones and 50 other observers could sit. This facility could also be used as a compute laboratory having 30 computers and also as a venue for face to face meetings.

DLC also can link with other local networks around the country in conducting in-country video conferences.

It also has two multi-media rooms equipped with computers (one with 30 and the other with 45). The latter room could be split in to two (one with 20 computers and the other with 25 computers).

DLC has a learning and content management system linked to telecenters islandwide. Hence it is equipped to deploy any content, maintain security, manage the learning process and levy fees on users. One could deploy content or use the system for distance education and learning.

All rooms are equipped with branded computers, connected to the World Wide Web through a dedicated internet link and UPS supported.

The total facility is air-conditioned and power system is in fully readiness to resurrect power in case of a power failure (within 5 seconds). Generator supports even the air-conditioners.

DLC is able to provide the best catering facilities and has a spacious lobby to entertain such. Lobby is provided with cool and hot water dispenser supplied with safe drinking water and a TV connected to a cable network.

DLC can even provide accommodation facilities (in the SLIDA hostel as there is an agreement in force with SLIDA for the same).

Located centrally in Colombo in a serene learning environment it is also able to provide the clients with ample parking.

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