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Distance Learning Centre Ltd is a training (learning solutions) provider and a learning facility provider for both private sector and public sector clients.

It is the Sri Lankan node point of the Global Development Learning Network of the World Bank Institution and was established by a World Bank funded project, now operated independently.

It is a limited liability company (having the flexibility in operations) and a state owned institution (having the responsibility and credibility of a government organization).

It especially provides global knowledge sharing opportunities and learning opportunities.

State-of-the-art video conferencing facility and the multimedia labs of DLC enable it to create virtual class rooms where the experts and participants could meet each other in a virtual environment, lively, on line or offline modes.

It brings the most updated knowledge using the best mix of modes to give the optimum output within the budgets and timelines of the clients.

Board of Directors
DLC Staff
Mission - Facilitate development of human capital through global knowledge sharing
Vision - To become the preferred centre for global knowledge sharing in developing human capital of Sri Lanka