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Values We Upheld in the Distance Learning Centre Ltd.

Positive mind

Let us have a positive frame of mind. There is nothing we cannot do given the time and resources. If we are together there is no barrier we cannot overcome.

Let us excel in what ever we do



We will not be afraid to undertake any activity within our mission. We consider all assignments would (especially if they are new and challenging) be an opportunity to learn and earn.

We will try to improve everything, including the way we work, the procedures we have been following and those we want others to follow, the registers we maintain and the forms we want others to fill, etc and etc.

Ideas can come from any quarter. We will listen to all who can contribute irrespective of their status.

We will compete with each other but without undercutting each other to create more and to create new.


Managing time and resources

We will not waste time. If we have no work we will use it to learn something new.

We will not waste any resource belong to the office. Those are our property and we know that someone has fret for creating it.

Let us set targets for what we intend to do. Otherwise the intentions will remain as only intentions forever.

We will not hesitate to spend on resources either. To earn one has to spend.



We will build up multi-skills. We will help others to build up skills that they don't have at present.

We will learn from mistakes we do.



We will create a habit of criticizing us more often. Then we can set examples for others to follow.

When we have to criticize someone, we will do it in private and only in his/her presence as far as possible.

When we have to criticize in open, we will criticize the act but not the person who performed those

We will appreciate whoever who does a good job. Even when we want to criticize someone we will try to see whether we could appreciate some thing in him/her before criticizing

We might think quickly, but let us take time when we say something. We may something nasty to a colleague that will destroy the relationship


Helping others and relating to others (Both internal and external customers)

Let us help poor performers to perform better.

We will give others more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

Let us value people who think differently (than us). Probably there would be couple of things we could learn from them.

We will evaluate people on what they do and what they can do than on who they are and from where they have come.

We will avoid mentioning what happened in the past when we discuss about people. People change and if they have changed why do we need to reverse those again.

We will promptly apologies whenever we realize that we have done a mistake. If some one offers an apology we will promptly forgive.

Let us bring our problems to the team without keeping those inside us so that it will build up to an unmanageable pressure that is likely to explode. We will also seek clarification whenever there is an ambiguity or room for a misunderstanding.

We will be polite, patient and kind to people who come to get a service from our institution (it does not include only our customers but also suppliers and service providers) irrespective of their status.


Working in teams

We consider that the task is primary and friendship is secondary when we perform our duties.

We will try to give equal opportunities for all to contribute and will distribute rewards according to their actual contribution.

We will try to give credit to others in the team when we win and assume blame ourselves when we lose.

We will be responsive to others. Our work should not be a hindrance to some other team or individual inside the organization.

We will never form groups in the organization other than to perform our work better.

We are without a religion, race or nationality (or without any other division) while we work in the office. We consider ourselves only as human beings.


Employ Welfare

We will not force anyone to work beyond the working hours and will always provide sufficient breaks when employees have to take up assignments beyond the specified working hours.

We will make sure that adequate compensation is made for beyond office hour work either in the form of overtime or lieu leave.

We will invest money to develop the capacity of our employees and those of who are exposed to such events will share what they acquire with the rest of the staff.


Our Responsibility to Society and Environment

We will upheld the child rights, women rights and differently able people’s right and will adopt non-discriminatory policy in all our dealings.

We will waste no water, energy or paper in performing our duties.